New Children’s Book Series Explores the Magic of The Mines

November sees the launch of ‘The Rescue of the Dweeble Stone’ the first book in ‘Adventures of Austin the Cornish Miner’ series for young readers.

“Poldark for six year olds..”

“An underground Harry Potter..”

Tin mines have always had magical stories attached to them, and in Cornwall Author Karen M Hoyle grew up with all the stories passed down through her family and told at school. Nowadays the stories are less well known so eleven years ago the author set out to create a series of children’s books that incorporated the old magical stories but that added a modern twist of excitement and readability that young readers and parents would enjoy.

The first draft was written in 2004 with illustrations developed, then as a career elsewhere developed the book was filed away and endured seven house moves before being brought back to life and finally edited and published. The outlines are now in place of the next four books and the first of the series ‘The Rescue of The Dweeble Stone’ launches on 3rd November.

Author Karen M Hoyle explains; “I am delighted that the book is now finally out there for children and parents to enjoy, its been a long road but I love the characters and I can see children following our hero and his adventures and enjoying the likeable friends he meets along the way. My aim is for each book to hit the next age group up so that a young reader can continue the adventures as they grow themselves. I can’t give away what future books hold but the excitement will build with each adventure. With the success of Poldark worldwide and the coolness of the local area the interest in this type of story has never been higher, So while mum enjoys Poldark, sons and daughters can also enjoy their own special magical version of life around the mines.”

The characters have been drawn from various parts of the authors life including Maggie the Pixie who owns ‘the finest Pixie Bed and Breakfast in the Land’.

“Maggie is loosely based on my mother, she ran a bed and breakfast for 46 years and when I was creating Maggie certain characteristics of that occupation and person came across. My mother loved seeing the illustrations as they were done so I think she is happy with a nod to her influence in my life.”

Austin the hero is a normal man surrounded by a world of magic that he at first doesn’t believe exists. When thrown into a whole new world it turns out that magic alone cannot deal with the situations that he discovers. There is a joke thats says ‘at the bottom of any hole in the world you will find a Cornishman’ and the world wide appeal and of the book is something that the publishers were first to see. Published by Authoright in London and New York, and printed by Faber the book will be available as an eBook and as a paperback.

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