Meet The Characters

Meet the characters from the adventure series, illustrations by Perry Harris all rights and copyright held

Book Three – The Bell of Lyonesse

The prince in an underwater forest

Book Two – The Morgawr and The Bad Knockers

Austin with Deffler and Bramble in boat
The Adventures of Austin the Cornish Miner Children's Book Series
Austin with Deffler and Bramble
The Morgawr
Marky and Greggor The Bad Knockers
Patrick the Pilchard Fisherman

Book One – The Rescue of the Dweeble Stone

Austin The Cornish Miner – Hero and Miner
Deffler The Knocker – Pasty Eater and Friend
Maggie Farenworth-Fopp – Owner of the finest pixie Bed and Breakfast in the land

All rights and copyright held