Package - All 3 Books from the series




Get the collection – with this package you can get all 3 books in the Austin series for a bundle price.

Book 1 – The Rescue of The Dweeble Stone

Austin knew the stories of magical creatures as well as anyone. ‘Knockers’ were grubby trolls that stand about two feet high, they wear old miners boots and tatty waistcoats and live on the pasty crusts that miners leave behind. The ‘Pixies’ were very different, small and could fit in a man’s hand, always busy, thinking themselves better than anyone and enjoyed playing pranks on anyone around.
‘No’, thought Austin there can’t be magical creatures, it was all just tittle-tattle…

But Austin was about to become a hero and change his mind on many things…

Book 2 – The Morgawr and The Bad Knockers

Two naughty Knockers -grubby trolls who wear miners boots and eat pasty crusts for those of you who don’t know- have been stealing from their community. With no-one else to turn to, it is up to Austin to help his friends out and bring the thieves to justice. However, things take a dangerous turn when the knockers take something explosive and Austin is forced to embark on a very different adventure which will take him underground through perilous tunnels and out into the wild

sea. With the help of new friends, in the shape of sea serpents and Bramble, a female knocker who used to be a wrestling champion, Austin finds himself in a race to save the lives of the magical underground world- but will he succeed? Enjoy the ride as the Cornish coast provides another dose of adventure and magic that children and adults alike with enjoy and remember for years to come.

Book 3 – The Bell of Lyonesse

Austin The Cornish Miner enjoys his third adventure, this one taking him to a magical undersea world.

A rescue, a sea serpent, and friends including a ‘Knocker’ are all in wonder at what they discover.

“Been waiting for this! Having read books 1 and 2 the family has been waiting for this next one and its magical and marvellous. Great read and takes you off to another world. This time underwater!. Perfect for the kids.” Amazon Customer